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We are proud to announce our new partnership with Swiss Color® International now in the U.S.A. for more information and to sign up for class please click here.


As of now we are only offering live courses in partnership with Swiss Color® please go to to check class schedule and more details.

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01 What's included

Live class (2 days) plus pre-study theory and continuing education online, for more information and to sign up for class please click here

Procedures demonstration macro videos from different angles

Training video materials

Practice sheets, developed by microblading master instructors in collaboration with experienced artists and doctors

Lifetime employee discount on all our products

238 self explanatory pictures and illustrations

Promotional materials and employment opportunities

Study guide with interactive assignments and constant communication with your instructor

Unlimited access to proprietary microblading electronic consent form administration/storage application, option to print and email.

Specially designed microblading training pads for practical drawing exercises

Access to easy to use specially developed before and after interactive application to post on social media.

Unlimited advice from celebrity Microblading instructors and medical professionals

Optional special outline-free Microblading method

Certificate will be mailed to student upon completion.


02Among Many Old & New Industry Secrets
Our Students Will Learn

How to create the perfect 3D hair stroke natural looking eyebrow for every patient, skin type, face shape and eyebrows density

How to fix old faded blue, green, grey or red permanent makeup

How to determine the right skin type and choose the right pigments

How to properly handle and stretch skin for maximum effectiveness

How to simulate symmetry for a pair of perfectly looking eyebrows every time.

The best aftercare method taught by real doctors from 3 different continents

Skin types and contraindications plus how to handle the most common scenarios like a pro!

Easy introduction to color theory and choosing the correct tools

Medical scientific principals of a anesthetic topical application; how to numb to ensure maximum comfort, reducing redness, swelling and bleeding with over the counter and affordable lotions, gels and creams

Medical grade hygiene principals, methods to assembly and disassembly your workstation while eliminating the risk of cross contamination and infections

Pre- and aftercare precautions and tips, aftercare products

Etiquette, photography and marketing tips for the beginner artist looking for work at a high end medical office, spa or salon.

Which tools, instruments, pigments, cleaning supplies and ointment brands and manufactors work best for this type of procedure.

How to master "Eyebrow mapping" techniques explained in an easy to understand and simple

And many many other previously unpublished secrets of Microblading


No previous medical education or experience needed.

No special artistic talents is required, only your dedication, consisting practice and drive to excel in this exciting career.

Computer and/or mobile smartphone or tablet and Internet access.

iPad with a stylus is not a must, but it will help with additional practice, since you will be given free unlimited lifelong access to our proprietary eyebrow marking and drawing software

No special materials or equipment required; our Microblading workshop will tell you where to purchase the necessary tools.


Either you are tech savvy or you just purchased your first computer, tablet or smart phone, this user friendly detailed style eyebrow microblading workshop will teach you how to be the best and most professional artist in the industry by developing your artistic side while making sure you are informed and conscious about health hazards associated with this growing business.

Curriculum For This Workshop Includes (But is Not Limited to) 100%
Authentic, new, improved and easy to learn and apply techniques:

Numbing, before, during and after!

Eyebrow hair stroke patterns drawing and placement on any real model, no matter what kind of hair stroke pattern they have.

Cleaning, assembly and disassembly of work station

Photography, marketing and industry ethics.

Consent forms, common medical problems and infection control.

Much more!

05Microblading kit

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100% interactive access to instructors 24/7, learn from anywhere in the world with your smart phone or computer.

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